A200 Bottle Label Applicator


Key Features
Designed for wine bottles, cans, jars, etc.
Label up to 600 containers per hour
Apply one or two labels per container
Easily and consistently apply labels to cylindrical objects
The A200 is a semi-automatic labeling machine designed for applying labels on rolls to bottles, cans,
jars, and other types of cylindrical containers. Both single and front-and-back labels can be applied
with a simple push of a button, or with the included foot pedal.
An easy-to-use calculator is available to quickly determine values for perfect placement and gap
widths. The ultrasonic media sensor is easily trained to detect gaps in a wider range of media than
mechanical flag sensors common in other applicators, allowing the A200 to perform consistently, even
on thin materials. Labels are cut evenly, efficiently, and with consistent accuracy.
A200 Bottle Label Applicator
2 operation modes
Choose between simple
push button or hands-free
foot pedal operation
Digital LCD touch panel
Simple-to-use digital display
panel shows status information
and facilitates easy setup
Ultrasonic sensor
Reliably sense gaps in a
wide range of media
Small to large sizes
Compatible container
sizes ranging from
1 to 6.3 in (25-160mm)
in diameter
Supply voltage: North America – 110V AC, 60 Hz
Europe, Middle East, Asia – 220V AC, 50Hz
Label width: 25 to 150mm (1 to 6 inches)
Label length: 25 to 500mm (1 to 19.68 inches)
Label gap: >2.5mm (.1 inches)
Dispensing speed: 0.1m/sec (4 in/sec)
Warranty: One year
Dimensions: 365mm (14.4″) W, 245mm (9.5″) H, 330mm (13″) D
Weight: 12kg (26.5 lbs)
Container diameter: 25 to 160mm (1 to 6.3 inches)
Container height: 80 to 240mm (3.15 to 9.45 inches)
Label roll diameter: <200mm (7.87 inches)
Core size: 46 to 76mm (1.8 to 3 inches)